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      The basic principle of correct selection of motor housing is: mechanical performance, motor housing starting and braking, speed control and other control performance should meet the requirements of mechanical characteristics and production process of working quality in the power supply of motor housing. In the process of influence, the shell of motor power should be within the allowable range according to a predetermined working system. Under the determined conditions, the cooling method should be adopted, Kiev, according to the environmental conditions, operating conditions, installation mode is in a limited range, the drive motor shell temperature rise, the selected motor shell structure, installation, protection function, to ensure the reliable operation of the motor shell, considering several investment and operating costs, economic, energy-saving drive system, reasonable and reliable. Routine maintenance is very important in the motor housing to reduce and avoid motor failures in operation. The most important part is to check the circuit and eliminate the abnormal phenomenon in time. In order to ensure the normal operation of the motor, in addition to the normal operation procedures and operation procedures, pay attention to the normal monitoring and maintenance, and also should regularly check and do a good job of maintaining the motor. Our machinery and equipment can work normally, whether the motor can run normally is a very important part. Therefore, the maintenance of the motor is also very important, many people always do not pay attention to the maintenance or do not know how to maintain, when the motor problems, the motor can only be repaired, maintenance will cost money and delay work. In general, the maintenance of the motor should pay attention to: keep the engine clean and free of dust; regularly check the appearance of the motor to see if there is dislocation; often check the bearing replacement or gas, and also check the incoming wire connecting thread. During the manufacturing process, the motor can only withstand voltage between each phase and the positive phase. The insulation material is relatively weak. Good insulation generally does not occur in this fault. There may be insulation defects in your motor. The shell is charged after the defect is exposed. Therefore, it is not the case that the motor shell has burn phenomenon, it may also be the cause of the motor. Some water-cooled motors will burn down in some way in the process of use. Is there any reason for the shell of water-cooled motor? This problem is likely to be charged after the shell of the water-cooled motor, and the insulation between the motor winding and the iron core (and the shell of the iron core) breaks down, resulting in a short-circuit current, and a large short-circuit current causes the circuit breaker to trip. If the switch circuit breaker has no leakage protection, the leakage protection acts or does not, but the over-current or short-circuit protection, that is, before the motor short-circuit, the circuit breaker only plays to prevent the expansion of the fault after the circuit breaker trips. The significance of motor shell power selection: It is a very important and complex problem to choose the rated power of motor case. When the load is too large, if the rated power of the motor is the motor shell, and the shell is in the light load operation state, the motor capacity itself is not complete, and the motor shell has low working efficiency and poor performance, which will increase the operating cost. Motor shell rated power requirements, that is, "pony car", motor current exceeds the rated current of motor shell, shell loss increases, low efficiency, low efficiency, the important thing is to affect the motor shell life, even if the overload is not great, the motor shell life will be reduced, the more load, the more will be damaged insulation performance of motor shell and even combustion. Of course, the rated power of the motor shell is small, and it may not drag the load at all, which will cause the motor shell to be damaged for a long time in the starting state and overheating. Therefore, reasonable selection of power supply and correct maintenance is the reasonable use of motor shell. Motor shell casting tooling, positioning plate and chuck are connected through bolt installation hole. The aluminum alloy motor shell is in the external conical tube, and the driving power source driving pull rod is pulled into the conical cone block tube to open multiple cone tube expansion blocks, and the aluminum alloy motor shell is positioned from the internal tension. The end and end of one end of aluminum alloy motor body are processed, and the end face and the end of the other end are machined. After processing, the pull rod is reset, the cone block exits, the tension block is reset, the aluminum alloy motor shell is loose, the motor shell is removed, and the aluminum alloy motor shell is processed. Both ends of the aluminum alloy motor shell can be machined to achieve the following technical effects: Aluminum alloy motor shell processing through the combination of conical tube and aluminum alloy motor shell card cone block installation, can achieve a card installation, for processing both ends of processing and aluminum alloy motor shell date, improve production efficiency more than double. The installation of processing card for aluminum alloy motor shell can process both ends of the aluminum alloy motor shell, avoid the influence on the parallelism of the two cards of the aluminum alloy motor shell, improve the processing accuracy, improve the processing quality of the aluminum alloy motor shell, and avoid the sweep frequency and noise in the use process of the aluminum alloy motor shell. Through the use of aluminum alloy motor shell processing tools, aluminum alloy motor shell, aluminum alloy water-cooled motor shell, through user testing and testing, the inner hole concentricity reaches 0.02mm. Zhejiang Taixing Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of motor shell, aluminum motor shell, vertical motor shell, horizontal motor shell, aluminum die-casting motor shell, aluminum stretching motor shell, with complete categories, quality and quantity, which is trustworthy, welcome to inquire.

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